Tao Dazu Ceramics Production Co., Ltd. is located in Yunlong Ceramics Base, Heyun District, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province. It uses 17 advanced building ceramic production lines, equipped with 388 meters ultra-long body kiln and 7800 tons of Italian Sacmi presses to implement international advanced operation. The management model, with ISO9001 international quality management system as the standard, comprehensively passed the national mandatory 3C enterprise certification, and realized the automation and standardization of the production system.

Tao Dachang Ceramics adheres to the core values of “commitment, sharing and persistence”, integrates high-quality resources across borders, and carries out brand communication through CCTV, internet, new media and other channels, accurately positioning domestic and international high-end consumers, and opening up a fashion, The road of art and the parallel of the people.



Design comes from a life attitude, with a unique design perspective and a keen sense of fashion,
                Deductive luxury is a beautiful definition of fashion.
                Adhere to the design concept of independent innovation, adhering to the traditional ceramic tile art,
                Incorporating European culture into tile design, calm and stylish, beautiful and luxurious,
                The details are elegant, the classic is both comfortable and dedicated to create a noble and elegant product style for consumers,
                Customize the extraordinary space experience.             


Since its inception, Tao Ceramics has been defined as a synonym for European fashion life.
                The innate superiority makes the world look up.
                Innovative craftsmanship and ultimate quality are even more distinguished.
                Tao Ceramics Ceramic System Clock pursues superior quality, exquisite craftsmanship and innovative technology.
                Integrating products into life has become a leader in the ceramic tile industry.
                Perfect quality control system, strict green environmental protection requirements, top professional and technical personnel,
                The tempering of the ceramic chef's ceramic quality life symbolizes.             



Each of Tao Ceramics' ceramic products is an ingenious art product, "collection" and "selection",
                At the same time, it implies nobleness, appreciation and ingenuity, and interprets the beauty of the world.
                Facing the future development opportunities and challenges, Tao Ceramics Ceramics adheres to the philosophy of life and integrates it into the manufacture of ceramic tiles,
                Adhere to the spirit of openness and enterprising, and actively innovate,
                Transform every ordinary and instant into extraordinary pleasure.
                Committed to delivering high quality life to every consumer, bringing a comfortable space experience for consumers.