Bricklayer ceramics recommends how to maintain a marble wall


Marble, as a hard decorative building material, is used for home decoration wall and floor decoration, which can enhance the decoration effect for the space and improve the entire home decoration grade. However, the maintenance of marble will be more troublesome. Many owners do not know how to maintain the marble wall and floor. For this reason, I will introduce how to maintain the marble wall and how to maintain the marble floor. Let us take a look at how to maintain the marble to extend the service life.


How to maintain the marble wall

1. Pay attention to cleaning methods

Marble is a porous material, so it is easy to stain, and the owner needs to clean the marble surface from time to time. If we want marble to last longer, we must pay attention to the cleaning method when cleaning. Wipe with a clean, soft cloth. Do not touch the marble surface with a hard material. It will damage the texture and gloss of the marble surface.

2. Regular professional maintenance

In order to maintain the long-lasting luster of the wall marble, you need to wipe it regularly with a slightly damp cloth with mild detergent, or carefully wipe it with a liquid cleaner. For places with wear, you can also use steel wool or electric polisher.

3. Pay attention to the treatment of stains

If the marble surface is stained, you can clean it with lemon juice or vinegar. But pay special attention to the time that the lemon stays on the marble surface, it is recommended not to exceed 2 minutes, otherwise the lemon will be absorbed by the marble and cause new stone pollution.


How to maintain the marble floor

1. Waxing

The floor marble is waxed regularly because people walk on it every day. The wax coating can ensure the gloss of the marble floor, and at the same time wax the floor, which is equivalent to putting a protective film on the marble, so that the marble is not easily damaged.

2. Recrystallization treatment

The stone is recrystallized, and with the heat generated during friction, it combines with the structure and organization of the stone surface to produce a micro-rheological reaction, resulting in a new hard and bright blended crystalline layer. Furthermore, there is a certain amount of maintenance for the marble. Relatively speaking, the abrasion resistance of the marble surface is improved, so that its luster is maintained for a longer time.


How to install marble wall

1. Grass-roots processing

Before installing the marble on the wall, the base of the wall must be treated first to ensure that the base wall is clean and free of floating soil and ash. After leveling and coating the moisture-proof layer, proceed with the subsequent construction.

2. Keel installation and fixation

For heavy marble slabs, the use of steel keels can reduce the impact of slabs on the wall surface and improve the overall seismic resistance. According to the plan, the wall is drilled and embedded with fixing parts, the keel is welded with the wall fixing parts, and the support frame is then welded with the keel. The keel is required to be installed firmly and level with the wall.

3.Marble slab installation

In the stone installation, the overall horizontal and vertical control lines should be pulled well. The slate must be installed on the support frame. First, fix the lower hole of the marble slab, insert the support bracket pendant, fine-tune the lock and then fix the upper and side of the stone, and finally connect the anchoring agent to strengthen the plate.

The above is how to maintain the marble wall and how to maintain the marble floor. I hope it can be helpful to everyone!