What is the future direction of the ceramic industry?


On July 29th, following the bloom of the new exhibition hall, the “Focus” theme forum hosted by Tao Da Ceramics was successfully held at the Foshan Hilton Hotel. Dr. Yin Hong, Deputy Secretary General of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Industry Association, Li Zhilin, Chairman of Jane Marble Tiles, and Ye Lin, President of China Jiangxi Design Power Association, attended the forum as the keynote speakers. Wang Changde, a well-known high-end enterprise executive in China, was the moderator. This forum aims to share the forefront of the industry and the common development of energy in the industry.

"Focus" forum site

Dr. Yin Hong: Small businesses must make their products unique and competitive.

At the forum, Dr. Yin Hong said that there is a great connection between focus and category, and category positioning must be precise. The so-called focus is actually forced by the competition of the industry, so that some small companies must make their products unique and competitive. At the same time, as far as the positioning requirements of our corporate brand are concerned, if a brand's products are too large and too broad, then this brand can't be the first-class brand in the industry.

Li Zhilin: Large enterprises are relatively focused, small enterprises are absolutely focused; self-confidence, persistence, focus, and perfection

Li Zhilin, chairman of Jane's marble tiles, believes that in the ceramic industry, both large and small companies should focus. Large enterprises are relatively focused, small businesses are absolutely focused, and small businesses can only focus on categories to get out. This is the current trend in the industry. Li Zhilin said that Jane has been insisting on focusing on this point of view since 2009. Up to now, it has begun to show the power of focusing. Focus on the advantages of a diversified industry is even more obvious.

At the same time, Li Zhilin shared with him the experience of how to focus and focus on how to do it. He believes that the reason why he can do a good job of a single category, summed up is eight words: self-confidence, persistence, focus, and perfection. We should be confident in our strategy and on the road. Li Zhilin said that diversified enterprises adopt low-cost strategies, and specific enterprises adopt differentiated strategies. On the road, we have to be confident in ourselves.

Ye Forest: Choosing materials in original form is the ideal choice for design.

“The relationship between the designer and the product is the relationship between the chef and the ingredients. If a designer does not have a good product, it is difficult for him to design the space better.” Ye Jianlin, China Association of Design Power, believes that as a designer When choosing a product, you should understand what kind of feeling this product is in this space, what kind of space you want to create, and what kind of space you want to use. Does this product bring more possibilities to this space? Ye Lin said that it is the ideal choice for designing in the original form. Designers choose products, first of all, from the entire environment and megatrends we are in. Therefore, ceramic companies should also consider our entire social environment and megatrends when developing products.

In addition, the chairman of Tao Da Ceramics said that he would do a good job. Persevere in doing well, doing concentration, and playing iron still need to be hard. At the same time, the situation and trend of the development of the ceramic industry in 2017 were discussed in depth. It is not advisable for enterprises to learn from each other and plagiarism. No innovation will die, it is strong, the system is strong, and the whole house customization is the trend.

Tao Chef Dealer Conferenc

After the forum, Tao Ceramics Ceramics immediately held the “2017 Tao Chef Enterprise Core Distributor Conference”.

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